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Cyera: Next Generation Data Security Platform

Cyera's data security solution can be up and running within minutes, harnessing advanced machine learning and automation to diminish access vulnerability. It guarantees the secure storage of sensitive data while effectively managing data sprawl, ultimately optimizing overall data security.

Semantic Intelligence for Data Security Posture Management

Karthik Krishnan, the CEO of Concentric AI, guides us through their DSPM offering, demonstrating its utilization of deep learning to classify data, evaluate potential risks, and resolve security concerns. Operating as an agentless platform, Concentric AI's Data Security Posture Management solution can be effortlessly deployed to categorize data and pinpoint risks.

Dig Security: Agentless Cloud Data Security Platform

Dig Security offers a potent and complete platform that uniquely integrates DSPM and DDR. This synergy delivers real-time data risk visibility across multiple public cloud environments, facilitating rapid identification, classification, and prioritization of data risks.

Laminar Security: Leading Enterprise DSPM with Laminar

The Laminar data security platform empowers organizations with essential visibility, precise control, and adaptable agility, enabling them to establish robust security, privacy, and governance measures that align seamlessly with the rapid pace of technological innovation.

Cloud Data Security Normalyze Demo

Engage in a practical demonstration that illustrates how Normalyze effectively addresses the primary data-centric security hurdles prevalent in contemporary cloud environments. This includes tasks such as data discovery, classification, access governance, risk identification, and compliance enforcement.

Full Cloud Data Visibility and Control for Security

David Gadoury, Senior Solutions Engineer, delivers a technical showcase of the fundamental functionalities within the Open Raven Data Security Platform. This demo includes identifying and categorizing unstructured and structured data, generating a comprehensive data catalog, implementing rules and policies, and setting up integrations and reports.

Votiro Cloud Overview and Demo

Discover the realm of Zero Trust Content Security and grasp the significance of data analytics. Embark on a guided exploration of the Votiro platform, where you'll gain insights into the user dashboard and delve into its diverse array of integrated functionalities.


Analyst Overview

Richard Stiennon, Anto Chuvakin, and Bard LaPorte explore the driving forces behind innovation in DSPM technology while offering valuable insights and guidance to users participating in the DSPM Demo Forum.


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Richard Stiennon moderates a panel discussion with distinguished DSPM experts from Dig Security, Normalyze, and Cyera.

Anton Chuvakin leads a panel discussion on Data Security Posture Management with experts from Open Raven.


Cyera: Executive Overview

Cyera offers businesses an immediate comprehensive insight into their sensitive data and security vulnerabilities. It employs automated remediation to minimize their potential attack surface and enhance their ability to withstand cyber threats.

Concentric AI: Executive Overview

Karthik Krishnan, the Chief Executive Officer of Concentric AI, talks with Richard Stiennon, delving into data security trends, the realm of DSPM, and how Concentric AI's DSPM solution can effectively assist enterprises in safeguarding their both organized and unorganized data.

Dig Security: Executive Overview

Dig Security's entirely agentless and cloud-native methodology amalgamates Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Data Detection & Response (DDR) within a unified platform. Experience a live demonstration by visiting

Laminar Security: Executive Overview

Explore the significance of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) and uncover how Laminar is playing a pivotal role in enabling organizations to acquire the essential visibility, authoritative control, and dynamic agility required to establish robust security, privacy, and governance measures.

Normalyze: Executive Overview

Ravi Ithal, the Chief Technology Officer of Normalyze, teams up with Richard Stiennon to converse about DSPM and elucidate how Normalyze is actively assisting clients in reestablishing cloud data visibility, authoritative control, and a sense of trust.

Open Raven: Executive Overview

Richard and Dave delve into the indispensability of DSPM, typical scenarios of its application, and how Open Raven effectively empowers security teams to address fundamental queries concerning cloud data. They also explore how the platform facilitates the imposition of security measures and the eradication of risks.